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English self check

1.Complete the dialogue with the past simple from of be.

A:You weren’t at school yesterday afternoon. Where where you?

B:I was at home. There was a football match on television.

A:Where it a good match?

B:No, it were! All the players were awful

2.Complete the sentences.Use the past simple from of the verbs.

1.In 1950,there were (be)199,854 people at the World Cup Final between Brazil and Uruguay in Rio de Janeiro. They saw (see) a great match-but Brazil didn’t win.

2.The Swedish athlete Oskar Gomar Swann became (become) famous when he won (win) a silver medal in shooting at the Olympic Games in Antwerp in 1920.He was (be) 72 years old.

3.At the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles,Carl Lewis won (win) four gold medals.

4.In the first round of the long jump,Lewis jumped 8.54 metres.After that,he stopped.Nobody cam beat me, he said (say).

5.I went (go) to the cinema last ,but i didn’t enjoy the film very much.

6.What did James say to you yesterday?

He didn’t say anything.

7.Did you see Alice last night?

No,i didn’t see Alice,but i saw Jenny.

8.Where did you go last summer?

We went to New York.But we didn’t go up the Empire State Building.


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