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Strages New year traditions

Special New Year’s traditions in Italy

There are plenty of weird New Year’s Eve traditions in Italy. In Naples, people throw old furniture out of the window to symbolise a fresh start.In Venice, thousands of people gather in the Piazza San Marco, where it’s believed that a ‘kiss in Venice’ will bring you happiness in the year ahead.Oh, and lots of people in Italy wear red underwear on the night, as it’s associated with fertility and love.

Weird New Year's traditions that you didn't know about

New Year’s Eve in Estonia

As if you hadn’t eaten enough over Christmas, in Estonia, the feast continues on New Year’s Eve.In Estonia, people are meant to feast seven, nine or twelve times on New Year’s Eve, as these are all lucky numbers.

New Year’s traditions in Europe: Greece

In Greece, people associate onions with rebirth and development, so they hang them on their doors to make sure they continue to grow in the new year.

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