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Now read the text again and listen. To answer the questions.

1 American writer offers advice for your mind or body?
For the body

2 Why do women live longer in Okinawa?

The women of Okinawa they live a long time, they are very f it and they don’t have many diseases or heart problems. Their secret? They do some exercise every day, they don’t have much stress in their lives and, in general, they are positive and active.

3 Why is seaweed good for you?

they eat seaweed — this contains many different vitamins and minerals and is good for your heart.

4 Where does the fat in the Mediterranean diet come from?

The Mediterranean diet is very healthy, too. It consists of vegetables, tomatoes, lemons, fish, beans, garlic, cheese, yoghurt, rice and pasta. The fat in this diet is ‘good fat’: it comes from olive oil and from fish.

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Strages New year traditions

Special New Year’s traditions in Italy

There are plenty of weird New Year’s Eve traditions in Italy. In Naples, people throw old furniture out of the window to symbolise a fresh start.In Venice, thousands of people gather in the Piazza San Marco, where it’s believed that a ‘kiss in Venice’ will bring you happiness in the year ahead.Oh, and lots of people in Italy wear red underwear on the night, as it’s associated with fertility and love.

Weird New Year's traditions that you didn't know about

New Year’s Eve in Estonia

As if you hadn’t eaten enough over Christmas, in Estonia, the feast continues on New Year’s Eve.In Estonia, people are meant to feast seven, nine or twelve times on New Year’s Eve, as these are all lucky numbers.

New Year’s traditions in Europe: Greece

In Greece, people associate onions with rebirth and development, so they hang them on their doors to make sure they continue to grow in the new year.

Best destinations to celebrate New Year's Eve - Europe's Best Destinations
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English self check

1.Complete the dialogue with the past simple from of be.

A:You weren’t at school yesterday afternoon. Where where you?

B:I was at home. There was a football match on television.

A:Where it a good match?

B:No, it were! All the players were awful

2.Complete the sentences.Use the past simple from of the verbs.

1.In 1950,there were (be)199,854 people at the World Cup Final between Brazil and Uruguay in Rio de Janeiro. They saw (see) a great match-but Brazil didn’t win.

2.The Swedish athlete Oskar Gomar Swann became (become) famous when he won (win) a silver medal in shooting at the Olympic Games in Antwerp in 1920.He was (be) 72 years old.

3.At the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles,Carl Lewis won (win) four gold medals.

4.In the first round of the long jump,Lewis jumped 8.54 metres.After that,he stopped.Nobody cam beat me, he said (say).

5.I went (go) to the cinema last ,but i didn’t enjoy the film very much.

6.What did James say to you yesterday?

He didn’t say anything.

7.Did you see Alice last night?

No,i didn’t see Alice,but i saw Jenny.

8.Where did you go last summer?

We went to New York.But we didn’t go up the Empire State Building.

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Participants 6th graders

Music is all around us. It’s on the radio, on TV, in the background in department stores and restaurants, and even on our smartphones! Music is important in our everyday lives and it’s a common discussion topic in English, too.

This text will help you.

Students learn to talk about the music they like in English using their knowledge.


  • What kind of music do you like?

Armenian folk

  • Are you a good singer?

I go to music school

  • Can you concentrate on other things when you are listening to music?


  • Can you play a musical instrument?

Yes piano

  • What is one of your favorite songs?
    • Why do you like it?
    • When did you first hear it?
    • Who sings it?

  • What kind of music do you usually listen to?


  • What kind of music do your parents listen to?


  • What kind of music you like the most?


  • What kind of songs do you like to sing?


  • What kinds of music do people listen to in your country?


  • What kinds of music do you dislike?


Make a video where yous speak about music.You can also write about it.

All the results will be put on our blogs.