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ex. 11, page 106

Tom climbed down one of the trees. He fell  on the ground.

The gold coin belonged to the King.

The next day the King went to the house.

The soldiers went to Tom’s house.

 They found the gold coin there.

They took Tom’s parents to the King.

 Tom went the King and told him about the two men.

 The King got his gold and punished the men.

ex. 12, page 107

There were some trees near the window.

I shall give it to my parents.

He took the coin home.

The gold coins belonged to the King.

Tom told the King about the men.

Tom went home with his parents.

ex. 13, page 107

What did Tom find on the ground?

Tom find the coins  on the ground.

 What did he do with the coin?

He took the coins to the home.

 Where did the King go the next day?

The next day the King went to the house.

Where did the King’s soldiers find the gold coin?

In the Tom’s house.

Why did they take Tom’s parents to the King?

They thought that  Tom’s parents took the coins.

 What did Tom tell the King?

Tom tell the King  about the two men.

 Did the King punish the men or Tom’s parents?

The King punished the men.

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