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Now read the text again and listen. To answer the questions.

1 American writer offers advice for your mind or body?
For the body

2 Why do women live longer in Okinawa?

The women of Okinawa they live a long time, they are very f it and they don’t have many diseases or heart problems. Their secret? They do some exercise every day, they don’t have much stress in their lives and, in general, they are positive and active.

3 Why is seaweed good for you?

they eat seaweed — this contains many different vitamins and minerals and is good for your heart.

4 Where does the fat in the Mediterranean diet come from?

The Mediterranean diet is very healthy, too. It consists of vegetables, tomatoes, lemons, fish, beans, garlic, cheese, yoghurt, rice and pasta. The fat in this diet is ‘good fat’: it comes from olive oil and from fish.


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